Why the Airsoft Shooting Range at Forest City Surplus is Great for Bachelorette Parties

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Airsoft gun range London Ontario Canada

airsoft gun range London Ontario Canada

So your friend is getting married. And you are tasked with the planning of that historical Hollywood movie style bachelorette party. The idea of dinners, getting drunk, and male entertainment are just getting old, and you are thinking of fun things to do outside the box. And besides, as it is your duty as the planner to pay for the entertainment for the event, budget becomes the priority. Unless the other participants are willing to share the costs, which of course, you could always ask.
If anything, friends should be good sports. Aha! So how about a day of playing GI Jane, ala Lara Croft? What other way to do it than to play airsoft! So we decided to go to Forest City Surplus to their airsoft range. Yes, despite being known as one of the leading Canadian airsoft stores online, FCS has an airsoft target shooting range in their physical London Ontario store. They even post photos to their airsoft Twitter feed.
Perhaps you have heard of the game, or perhaps not.
Airsoft is a competitive team sport which originated in the late 1970s by the Japanese. The concept started because back then, real guns were illegal and banned in the country. It was then picked up as a hobby for people who want to switch from the typical guns utilized for hunting to safer guns that can be used mostly for recreation. The name ‘Soft-Air’ was trademarked, but normally refers to the cheap clear airsoft pistols found in many chain stores. Originally designed for target shooting, their bullets could also hit humans without major injury and thus became popular for casual war games. Eventually, law enforcement agencies and military units in the US picked it up and use airsoft for training drills. The guns look similar to the real thing, just normally minus the recoil, which makes it way easier to control. You can choose from rifles, pistols, to snipers as your gun of choice.
This game of airsoft involves discipline, speed, accuracy, and responsibility. Just like real gun shooting, you don’t just simply aim and shoot without any regard for the other players. Gameplay varies – from organized scenario, military simulations to historical re-enactments, among others – all of which can be played either indoor or outdoor. Even for first timers, this game is relatively safe, as every game is normally overseen by trained professionals. Though when hit, you may feel a sting; and those who experienced having hit even experienced having a bruise. But the only time you will have a broken skin is if it was shot at close range from a high powered airsoft gun, or get shot in the genital region, mouth, ear, eye (that is why eye protection is important).
Sounds simple, is it not? Simple as it may sound, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when playing airsoft. And if playing for the first time, is best to follow:

  • No physical contact. This is a game, do not fight with the other team, or your team mates for that.
  • Eye protection. In any type of game, this is a must. Unless you are willing to lose your sight and risk not seeing altogether.
  • Airsoft BBs do not mark their targets unlike paintball. The game is all about “honour” in which the player who has been hit has to call themselves out, whether or not someone saw him/her got hit.
  • Listen to the refs. They are trained professionals. Especially if you are new, just listen to them.
  • Do not blind fire. People think it’s cowardly, and no one wants to play with someone who simply waits on a hide for an opportunity to fire at someone who just happened to pass by.

    Many are always in the look for newer, cooler things to do. Airsoft may not be something that is totally different. Sure, a lot of gals have done paintball in the past. but, airsoft is so much different given the realism.
    Forget about the booze and save yourself from the inevitable hangover. Planning a game of airsoft with the bridesmaids or just amongst friends is a sure fun way of giving a party to the bride-to-be that she would not easily forget. In addition, as bachelorette parties are all about photo ops, this would also be a great moment for everyone. You need not worry anymore about decorations or props to have those Instagram worthy photos. The camouflage clothes and guns used in the game could also be used as take-home gifts to remember that wicked day that was.
    Finding a place to play in? Forest City Surplus in Southwestern Ontario has that. Forest City Surplus is a 12,000 square feet store that houses a 2-person firing range and an airsoft tactical room. They also have a huge selection of airsoft guns, scopes and cases you need not look far.
    Head on to Forest City Surplus Airsoft Range and release the commando within!