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Airsoft gun range London Ontario Canada

airsoft gun range London Ontario Canada

So your friend is getting married. And you are tasked with the planning of that historical Hollywood movie style bachelorette party. The idea of dinners, getting drunk, and male entertainment are just getting old, and you are thinking of fun things to do outside the box. And besides, as it is your duty as the planner to pay for the entertainment for the event, budget becomes the priority. Unless the other participants are willing to share the costs, which of course, you could always ask.
If anything, friends should be good sports. Aha! So how about a day of playing GI Jane, ala Lara Croft? What other way to do it than to play airsoft! So we decided to go to Forest City Surplus to their airsoft range. Yes, despite being known as one of the leading Canadian airsoft stores online, FCS has an airsoft target shooting range in their physical London Ontario store. They even post photos to their airsoft Twitter feed.
Perhaps you have heard of the game, or perhaps not.
Airsoft is a competitive team sport which originated in the late 1970s by the Japanese. The concept started because back then, real guns were illegal and banned in the country. It was then picked up as a hobby for people who want to switch from the typical guns utilized for hunting to safer guns that can be used mostly for recreation. The name ‘Soft-Air’ was trademarked, but normally refers to the cheap clear airsoft pistols found in many chain stores. Originally designed for target shooting, their bullets could also hit humans without major injury and thus became popular for casual war games. Eventually, law enforcement agencies and military units in the US picked it up and use airsoft for training drills. The guns look similar to the real thing, just normally minus the recoil, which makes it way easier to control. You can choose from rifles, pistols, to snipers as your gun of choice.
This game of airsoft involves discipline, speed, accuracy, and responsibility. Just like real gun shooting, you don’t just simply aim and shoot without any regard for the other players. Gameplay varies – from organized scenario, military simulations to historical re-enactments, among others – all of which can be played either indoor or outdoor. Even for first timers, this game is relatively safe, as every game is normally overseen by trained professionals. Though when hit, you may feel a sting; and those who experienced having hit even experienced having a bruise. But the only time you will have a broken skin is if it was shot at close range from a high powered airsoft gun, or get shot in the genital region, mouth, ear, eye (that is why eye protection is important).
Sounds simple, is it not? Simple as it may sound, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when playing airsoft. And if playing for the first time, is best to follow:

  • No physical contact. This is a game, do not fight with the other team, or your team mates for that.
  • Eye protection. In any type of game, this is a must. Unless you are willing to lose your sight and risk not seeing altogether.
  • Airsoft BBs do not mark their targets unlike paintball. The game is all about “honour” in which the player who has been hit has to call themselves out, whether or not someone saw him/her got hit.
  • Listen to the refs. They are trained professionals. Especially if you are new, just listen to them.
  • Do not blind fire. People think it’s cowardly, and no one wants to play with someone who simply waits on a hide for an opportunity to fire at someone who just happened to pass by.

    Many are always in the look for newer, cooler things to do. Airsoft may not be something that is totally different. Sure, a lot of gals have done paintball in the past. but, airsoft is so much different given the realism.
    Forget about the booze and save yourself from the inevitable hangover. Planning a game of airsoft with the bridesmaids or just amongst friends is a sure fun way of giving a party to the bride-to-be that she would not easily forget. In addition, as bachelorette parties are all about photo ops, this would also be a great moment for everyone. You need not worry anymore about decorations or props to have those Instagram worthy photos. The camouflage clothes and guns used in the game could also be used as take-home gifts to remember that wicked day that was.
    Finding a place to play in? Forest City Surplus in Southwestern Ontario has that. Forest City Surplus is a 12,000 square feet store that houses a 2-person firing range and an airsoft tactical room. They also have a huge selection of airsoft guns, scopes and cases you need not look far.
    Head on to Forest City Surplus Airsoft Range and release the commando within!

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In the world’s history of developed nations, the mid- to late-1800s is referred to as a period of Industrial Revolution. During this time, manufacturing transferred hands from the individual craftsman to the factory assembly line. In the United States, and a few other areas of the world, industry experienced another revolutionary leap after the Great Depression of the 1930s and World War II. People finally had money to buy the American Dream, which came in the form of a car and a house with a picket fence. Industry continued to grow, and everyone thought that there could never be a downside to this new golden age. However, by the 1960s, Americans could no longer ignore the effect of industry on the environment. Industrial mishaps and improper waste disposal contributed to many devastating environmental concerns. It was time to focus on solutions such as industrial water treatment.Visit Industrial water filtration.

The birth of this process came about after the public became aware of such environmental issues as acid rain, the greenhouse effect and global warming, and a decreasing supply of fresh water. Environmental agencies began attacking these problems one by one before realizing that many of them were interconnected. By conditioning the supply before and after it is used, and separating and properly disposing of toxic waste, many environmental concerns have become manageable. Before water can be used for industrial purposes, it must be purified to fit a specific qualification. This type of industrial water treatment begins with filtration, and also includes the addition of certain chemicals which purifies the elements unable to be filtered. This is the first step in the process, and a crucial one. Without it, the unwanted elements in the water can damage machinery and even endanger people’s health.

After purifying the supply, the next step is to focus on conservation and reuse. Water should be able to be used again and again because it is a limited resource on our planet. This area of industrial water treatment requires a bit of engineering innovation which has developed significantly over the past few decades.


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Two views exist in the medical world, 1 maintaining that colon cleansing is required whereas the other stating that it isn’t. The people who do not favor colon cleansing are of view that since colon i.e. the large intestine has its own cleansing process, outer technique is not required, while those who speak up for colon cleansing are of opinion that there is a periodic building up of sheet of waste matters on the inner side of our colon which is essential to be removed because it results into autointoxication and so colon cleansing is necessary. This conflict results into confusion in laymen’s minds regarding whether they have to get colon cleansing performed or not. Consider visiting a Toronto colon hydrotherapy centre for more details.

In either of the cases it is obvious that you must not experience constipation. This is because constipation is the main cause of a number of health problems. Constipation arises in large intestine. If it takes place, because wastes cannot be eliminated properly they brings about development of mucus in the large intestine inside which pathogens grow. In the common situation also parasites invade our body by way of foods, but they are either killed or are removed. However in a constipated scenario they get just right and secure conditions to settle and proliferate. Hence your colon must be clean of constipation.

Modern doctors opine that repeated colon cleansing gives rise to reliance of colon on the procedure and colon drops its usual power to clean itself regularly. Moreover it can harm to the colon in form of punctures. On the contrary proponents of colon cleansing say that colon cleansing elevates health by wiping out poisonous substances from the large intestine, encourages development of useful intestinal bacteria, increases energy level and elevates immune power.

Considering the two statements you should take a note that if you intend to perform colon cleansing, you should first discuss with your family healthcare provider. If your healthcare provider allows you for colon cleansing, you must get it performed by a very qualified doctor who possesses a certificate of a reputable foundation for conducting the procedure.

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“How Better Product Web Page Sales Copy Can Reduce the Strain on Online Fulfillment Call Centers”

The problem that this call centers have are the call volumes they encounter during holiday shopping season like Christmas or the black Friday deals even back-to-school purchasing. For the big online retail companies the solution are quite simple be clear and concise with your product pages. If it’s an electronic product make sure the specs are indicated, not just of the component, but also the physical dimensions. Without using a good digital marketing expert important details would get missed. I still remember way back when I was still with a call center for an online retail company a customer will call us just to ask for the dimension of a laptop and the weight that was not clearly indicated on the web page. Also it wouldn’t hurt if we put a short video on how to use the product. Uploading more pictures of the product is very helpful as well this will lessen the customer’s apprehension of buying the product. Putting a personalize touch on the wordings of the product page by translating why the item is unique and how it can be beneficial for your customer. Simply the terms in the product details don’t ever use internal jargons and try not to abbreviate words. Make the check out process convenient, we all know that in online retail or services security it the primary concern. We should invest on a very reliable Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection too to build trust so as to promote people buying online instead of calling in to provide there payment information. By minimizing the ordering process to just three easy steps it can be user friendly even to the technologically challenged individuals. It will also help that on the product page itself the payment method that the client can use for the transaction is indicated. Now because each product can be different from each other we should always indicate the terms and conditions of the return and the warranty on the product page. Buying Surplus products will have lower warranties (and prices) then new products. Make sure it clear and concise otherwise the phone will ring. Customer feedback and testimonials of how the product have help them is also useful, just make sure it is not tampered with by competitors. There a lot of reports that there are companies using internet trolls to make a review of their products. It will also help if we will give feedback to customer’s review whether it’s a good or bad review. Bonus marks if the words are witty as well, for example instead of saying “sorry to hear what happened” use this “thank you for your feedback rest assured we are doing our best to improve our service”. Honesty is still the best policy. Be very careful with pricing if your company will not do price matching be firm with it put it on the web page of the product. The dreaded pricing error has always been a nightmare of call centers. Calls waiting caused by pricing errors can easily reach up to 100 calls in a hurry. It not only stresses the management team and customer service agents, but the other customers (with other concern) as well that cant connect to the line. Pricing error is almost not acceptable to our customers, not amount of apology can remedy the situation. Assign a Team that will upload new items and have a Quality Team that would proof read the product page before its uploaded. Wrong pricing is like the mortal sin of e-commerce. Quantity or stocks left should always be updated every 10 minutes or in an ideal world real time. There should be a switch of the web page that is directly link to the inventory that will trip if the on hand items are ordered. Another advantage to having someone who does online copy for you is that they are able to write about what sets one product apart from another. Why it will be advantageous to them to hire and avail this product over another. As online business owners/entrepreneur ownership of the product page is essential. A clear page leads to an important yes so that people/ netizens will feel that you know what you are selling. How can you prove this to customers? Do not add any link on the webpage of the product that will take the client to a different site for example YouTube. If the purpose of having a video of the product is for demonstration why not make a video of your own with your staff and upload it on the webpage. Have a Frequently asked question segment on the webpage with readily available answers. But be caution with the readily available answers make it as personalize as possible so that customer will feel as if the questions were asked by real people.

George Dyson is a former call center manager who operated for many years in the retail space

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